Paddlefest NB

Paddlefest NB

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Paddlefest Lineup & Poster

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Our full lineup & poster are here! Tickets are available now!


Land Of Talk, The Sadies, Jenn Grant, Mo Kenney, Brasstronaut, Tom Fun Orchestra, The Brood, Julie Aubé, The Divorcees, Jon McKiel, The Hypochondriacs, Earle & Coffin, Roxy & the Underground Soul Sound, Weak Size Fish, Tampa, Maggie Savoie, Jerry Leger & Graham Nicholas, The Vaudevillian, The Galpines, Janowskii, Brent Mason, The Montgomery St. Band, The Kendra Gale Band, Annie Sumi & The Lifers, Brookside Mall, Corey Isenor, Joyful Noise, Thomas Stacjer, Jamie Comeau & the Crooked Teeth, Quinn Bonnell, The Falling Leaves, Dwayne Doucette, Vic Horvath, Colourful Language, Jerry-Faye Flatt, Deep Fryer, Sparrow, Chickahominy & more!